Chunky knit and biker pants


Pictures by Stefanie Thiele

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The coolness of all black distracted by the mysterious charm of a vintage piece

_MG_6126_webPictures by Stefanie Thiele

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Same, same but different #1

the original. ACNE / the smart alternative. PEPE JEANS

the original. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG / the smart alternative. JOHN ZACK

the original. ISABEL MARANT / the smart alternative. MBYM

the original. ACNE / the smart alternative. SELECTED FEMME

the original. CÉLINE / the smart alternative. MICHAEL KORS

My loves, is finally online and I thought about creating a new category for the launch and the new beginning. So today I want to indroduce you to the „Same, same but different“ category. What does it mean? From now on whenever I’ll see a potential high-end must-have I’ll try to find a more affordable version of it and I’ll let you know in these posts.
So are you keen for the Acne Pistol short black boots or the Trio from Céline? Be smart and take a look at what I’ve found for you.

Happy week!

xx, Alexa

All eyes on Iris Obojes, founder of WARM-ME


Iris Obojes is the founder and creative mind behind the Salzburg based premium cashmere label Warm-ME. Founded as the brilliant result of her and her husband’s realization that there is no perfectly form fitting, high quality and eye-catching look cashmere label. It is their ambition to make the owner of their beanies look and feel great, and they are most definitely reaching that goal. Iris Obojes gained much experience…

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Let’s meet Warm-ME!

_MG_6046_webWe love Warm-ME! Founded in 2010 by Iris and Christian Obojes who had exactly the same problem like many of us. They were crazy about finding a stylish, perfectly form fitting beanie in high quality. Fail. So they decided to create their own label. Warm-ME was born. The cashmere products are hand-knitted in Nepal, which makes each piece unique and special. There is one little fact…

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