All eyes on – PEPIART


Sweet 24 and already big in business – Stephanie Erdbories alias PEPIART. You might have spotted her energetic illustrations somewhere on Instagram, in a magazine or as a header on some well known fashion blogs, already. But have you ever thought about or noticed the talented person behind these beautiful artworks? Stefanie Erdbories studied media science and is working as a freelance artist since she graduated in 2014.

Ever since the beginning, she keeps a little saying in her mind.

 “The journey is its own reward.”

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

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Rock your summer dress.


Pictures by Stefanie Thiele

Summer is made to wear colours, obviously and for me, leather jackets are the perfect piece to complete a look. I really like contrasts so I decided…

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Same, same but different. Season’s perfect leather jacket.

I admit that one of my little weaknesses are still those “Love at first sight” pieces. Sometimes it happens that I fall in love with something that ignites my female hunting instinct and even if it’s totally crazy, I turn the world upsite down chasing it, until I can call it my own. A while ago one of those “little projects” started, when I unexpectedly spotted a leather jacket from Saint Laurent in a magazine and instantly fell for this unfortunately way too expensive piece. I couldn’t get the jacket out of my mind and started the hunt to find a similar version of it… The other day, my little mission finally came to an end when my full attention suddenly got caught at the Maje store where the object of desire appeared to a humane price in front of me. I am pretty sure that I don’t have to mention that I haven’t hesitated to buy “Bocelui immediately. You can see my new leather love in the next post – stay tuned.

xx, Alexa

Leather jackets to fall in love with.