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20 Jun

Same, same but different. Season’s perfect leather jacket.

Sweethearts, I admit that one of my little weaknesses are still those "Love at first sight" pieces. Sometimes it happens that I fall in love with something that ignites my female hunting instinct and even if it’s totally crazy, I turn the world upsite down chasing it, until I can call it my own. A while ago one of those "little projects" started, when I unexpectedly spotted a leather jacket from Saint Laurent in a magazine and instantly fell for this unfortunately way too expensive piece. I couldn’t get the jacket out of my mind and started the hunt to find a similar version of it...
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3 Nov

Same, same but different #1

the original. ACNE / the smart alternative. PEPE JEANS
the original. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG / the smart alternative. JOHN ZACK
the original. ISABEL MARANT / the smart alternative. MBYM
the original. ACNE / the smart alternative. SELECTED FEMME
the original. CÉLINE / the smart alternative. MICHAEL KORS
My loves,
 Sancarolin.com is finally online and I thought about creating a new category for the launch and the new beginning. So today I want to indroduce you to the „Same, same but different“ category. What does it mean? From now on whenever I’ll see a potential high-end must-have I’ll try to find a more affordable version of it and I’ll let you know in these...
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