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7 Apr

The photographer – Stefanie Thiele

Stef is the photographer behind SANCAROLIN.com. Her educational background and passion is deeply anchored within the visual arts. Over the years going to school and working in both the UK and Germany, she has developed a strong sense for the aesthetics and language that can be communicated not with words but through her photographs, paintings or designs. Right from the beginning of SANCAROLIN it was obvious to...
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6 Jul

All eyes on – PEPIART

Sweet 24 and already big in business – Stephanie Erdbories alias PEPIART. You might have spotted her energetic illustrations somewhere on Instagram, in a magazine or as a header on some well known fashion blogs, already. But have you ever thought about or noticed the talented person behind these beautiful artworks? Stefanie Erdbories studied media science and is working as a freelance artist since she graduated in 2014. Ever since the beginning, she keeps a little saying in her mind. "The journey is its own reward." The young talent Pepi started focusing on her illustrations after Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora...
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27 Oct

All eyes on Iris Obojes, founder of WARM-ME


Iris Obojes is the founder and creative mind behind the Salzburg based premium cashmere label Warm-ME. Founded as the brilliant result of her and her husband’s realization that there is no perfectly form fitting, high quality and eye-catching look cashmere label. It is their ambition to make the owner of their beanies look and feel great, and they are most definitely reaching that goal. Iris Obojes gained much experience…

3 Jun

In the spotlight – Marco Trunz!

MARCO TRUNZ. He's got talent! This young man has the ability to capture the perfect moment in one picture by filling a photography with life and the kind of feeling you get when you cannot turn your eyes away from something because you are simply fascinated. TRUNZ studied IT and design before he decided to turn his passion into a serious business. That decision has been taken roughly four years ago. Since then he...
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