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23 Dec

Mix and match – oversized down jacket and delicate chandelier earrings

This look is finally up on the blog. I was asked so many times where I found my oversized leather down jacket, so I want to take the chance now to disclose the secret. Believe it or not, it's simply from Zara. No big deal, but I already bought it in early October. The jacket was immediately sold out, but
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10 Dec

Make a wish! The inspirational holiday gift guide

14 more days to go until Christmas Eve arrives. So it's time to get everything a little more glamorous and Christmas related here on the blog. What about your Christmas to do list? Do you already have all presents for your beloved ones? Regarding the organization of this year's surprises I actually planned to be an early bird this year. Every morning on my way to work I pass a big shopping mal in Hamburg in which every single window is prepared with pieces from Skagen’s holiday collection that make me think about potential gift ideas even more.
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7 Dec

Win, win, win the shoes of your dreams

I already told you about a holy, jolly Christmas giveaway from Kennel und Schmenger in my Instagram story the other day. Right now I thought a little reminder could be helpful and nice. Because you have the amazing chance to win
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3 Dec

The scandinavian coolness and attitude

A while ago on a freezing Sunday I took the picture of this look for the danish brand Skagen. As a child I have often been to Denmark and I have also been in Copenhagen two times in the last two years. I love the scandinavian aesthetic, calmness / serenity and the scandinavian stylistic sence. Since 1989 Skagen offers timeless pieces and gives looks this decent and clean yet elegant chic. Due to this specific style...
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26 Nov

Smile – because smiling girls are the most beautiful!

Many of my girlfriends often tell me that they wish to get white and radiantly beautiful teeth. I haven’t thought about it yet, to be honest. But when I visited my dentist last time I took the chance to have a little chat with him about the pros and cons coming along with the products offered. I wanted to get his professional opinion about this topic. As a professional, he immediately recommended to not trying it by myself without any professional help because many of the offered products include and work / functioning with bleaching hydrogen peroxide. Bleaching hydrogen peroxide infiltrating inside the teeth and are therefore way too aggressive. Those products can damage the teeth on...
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